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Photo on 6-7-13 at 1.39 PM

This is a very silly photograph of my Chinese roommate and I. She’s very very tall and very sweet. She will be graduating from PKU in July and then going to Columbia for graduate school in mathematics. Advertisements

The Last Supper


My last meal in America on June 3rd, 2013.  It is so thoroughly me: overpriced hash browns from the airport Burger King, a cold Monster, and (strategically placed in back) a large amount of cold water.

Of any American product, I miss Monster Energy drinks, my  way to combat stress.  As I told my coworkers last summer, “You guys may drink, but Monster is my alcohol.” I have, however, found Red Bull. Tastes the same!


No posts, sorry!

Hello all, 

Sadly, WordPress is blocked in China! I have very limited access to the internet and to our VPN that lifts the blocks. So sorry! I wish I could share my days here.


I’m alive and well (despite my caffeine withdrawal headache) in my hotel in Beijing.  Our program starts this afternoon and hopefully this evening I will have some time to do some writing for this blog!


“This is a visionary idea…  one that will shape the future.”

Madeline Korbel Albright, Class of 1959, U.S. Secretary of State, 1997-2001



What does this even mean?  They just didn’t show up to work?

Oh well, TSA was a breeze (though I’m not wearing socks and I felt severely judged for that fact).  This whole process has taken less than half an hour, so here I am, five hours early. 

“Hell Is Other People’s Luggage” – The New Yorker, 16 April 2012


“When the subject of travel comes up,” this week’s cover artist, Bruce McCall, says, “for some reason my mind always turns to the dark side of it, to the annoyances of travel.” We asked him to elaborate: “When you board a plane, you see people shoving their life’s possessions into a bin overhead. It’s like watching a snake swallow a cow, you know. It’s just amazing what they can stick in those things. But anyway, that just popped into my mind immediately, and the more I thought about it the madder I got. I put a car in there, and then I put in everything I could think of, like a little kid carrying a Ming Vase. There’s nothing good about travelling anymore—if you’re in first class it’s all very nice, but anything else is just horrible. By the time you get home you’re mad at everybody.”

(Silly) Questions that have popped up:

Can I bring my deordant in this carry on?

Answer: yes.

Is there WiFi on my transcontinental flight?

Answer: Sadly, no.

Do I have enough books?

Answer: Never.

Do I have any idea what I’m doing?

Answer: No.


Slightly unrelated news this evening.  One of my best friends, a Navy seal, is being deployed in November to Afghanistan.



Clearly, I haven’t really processed this.  It is terrifying.  It was inevitable.

Modest Mouse – Dramamine – Video Dailymotion

Modest Mouse – Dramamine – Video Dailymotion.

Traveling, swallowing dramamine/
feeling spaced out breathing listerine

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